Safety Guidelines for Covid-19

NSPL is committed to maintaining a safe culture for the community we serve.

Players & Coaches – masks are required to be worn when walking to and from the field - and whenever 6ft distancing cannot be maintained.

Parents - masks must be worn when walking around and whenever 6ft distancing cannot be maintained.

You will be denied service at the snack bar if you are not wearing a mask.

Pregame/Dugout Guidelines

  • All Coaches and Players must health screen prior to the game through the team snap app.
  • Only players and coaches are allowed in the dugouts/bleachers socially distanced. Bleachers will be used for the overflow of players NOT spectators.
  • Everyone is expected to wear a mask, in instances where 6ft cannot be maintained and at all times in the dugout/bleachers.
  • No shared equipment amongst the players. This includes helmets, bats, gloves, or batting gloves.  Equipment should be spread out or attached to dugout fence to keep from accidental shared use, especially in younger age groups.

In Game Guidelines

  • No shared water for any of the players. Each player is expected to have enough for themselves only.
  • No spitting of sunflower seeds, or gum is allowed during games.
  • League owned catcher’s equipment should be sanitized between players use.

Field/Spectators/Postgame Guidelines

  • Postgame celebrations involving touching another player are not allowed. Tipping of the cap or air high fives, etc., are to be used instead.
  • All Spectators observe the game from the outfield. Please follow social distancing protocols when setting up your chairs.
  • A mask is expected anytime social distancing cannot be maintained. Especially in the lanes to and from the outfield, and the snack bar.
  • Sanitizer will be made available at the snack bar and the dugouts of each field.

NSPL is following protocols from the Chester County Health Department
If you are sick, or have had close contact, please click below and follow these guidelines: