About T-ball

The T-Ball Divisions are for girls who are 4 (Micro) to 6 years of age on January 1st of the current season. In T-Ball the girls progress from hitting off a tee to easy parent pitch. The emphasis is on the development of softball skills and gaining familiarity with the rules and strategy. The score is not kept as we want the girls to thrive in a low-pressure environment. There are no playoffs and the emphasis is on player development and having fun, not winning. Teams will be assigned in mid-March and the T-Ball season will commence at the beginning of April. Practices are usually one day a week and each team will have one or two games scheduled per week. Weeknight games are scheduled for 6:00 pm and Saturday games are played throughout the day at the Petticoat Fields on Bishop Hollow Road in Newtown Square. Games are 3 innings or 1 hour in length – whichever comes first. The T-Ball season is expected to end the first or second weekend in June. The T-Ball Division tries to accommodate requests made on registration forms.

T-ball Division Rules


1. Games length
• Three (3) innings or one hour, whichever comes first
2. Game Play
• No score keeping of any games.
• No outs are recorded
• Stress fundamentals – this is an instructional division.
• Play may be delayed any time for instruction/coaching. (use discretion concerning frequent stoppages)
• Only two (2) defensive coaches, may be positioned on the field to instruct the players during the game.
3. Equipment
• Ball is to be an 11” Incrediball supplied by the league.
• Regulation softball bats or league supplied bats – No composite or baseball bats
4. Field dimensions
• Base distance to be forty (40) feet.
5. Defense
• No pitching by players.
• Players may play one defensive position for no more than two (2) innings per game.
• A maximum of seven (6) infielders will be used in the field:
o 1 pitcher (fielding only) / no catcher
o 5 infielders (first, second, third base, short stop, short field)
o Balance of team are to be outfielders
• Fielders may make plays at any base but the runners will always be safe
6. Offense
• Each team member will bat in order, using all team members in the lineup.
• All batters will advance ONE base per at bat, last batter runs through all bases
• The maximum number of batters in an inning will be the highest number of players present on either team.
• Players not on defense must stay behind the fences at all times unless batting or base running.
• The inning ends after the maximum number of batters have batted.
• The offensive coach must inform the defensive team when the last is at the plate.
• Batting
o Helmets must be worn by batter and base runners during games and practices.
o Start of season - a batting Tee is to be used for all innings.
o Offensive coach may begin to pitch to their batters with permission of Division Head
o All batters should be attempting to hit from pitched ball by mid-season
o A Tee should be used after two (2) strikes.
o There will be no strikeouts – if a batter has difficulty, a coach may assist.
o No base on balls will be awarded.
o No outs are recorded
7. Base Running
• Leads are NOT permitted - runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit.
• Each runner may only advance one base per play, last batter runs around the bases to home
• Only those coaches/ volunteers who have submitted the required background checks and have been
T-Ball Division Rules
NSPL approved coaches/ are allowed on the field, in the batting cages, or in the dugout – this includes any games or practices
• No smoking or other use of tobacco is permitted on the playing field side of the paved driveway that provides access to Troop Field.
• No dog or pets of any kind (excluding service animals) are allowed on the field or in the areas surrounding the field – this includes any games or practices.