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Frequently Asked Questions - Inhouse Division

What are the age requirements for the inhouse divisions? 

Age requirements are based on age as of August 31 (prior to start of the spring season)

  • Tball – 4 and 5
  • Rookie – 6
  • Minors – 7 and 8
  • Majors – 9 and 10
  • Juniors – 11 and 12
  • Seniors – 13 and up

The cutoff date is August 31 to allow for more players from the same grade to be in the same division. However, since it is based on birthdate and not grade, players may be in a division not aligned with others in their same grade.

Can a player play in any age division? 

Players are never allowed to play down in a lower age division, regardless of years playing softball. 

Players can request to play up in a higher division, however, they are required to attend an evaluation in order to be considered. Players will be evaluated by impartial parties and must not only demonstrate an advanced ability in several areas of their correct age group, but the ability to excel in several areas in the requested division. There must also be available spots in the requested age group. All requests to play up in an age group must be directed to the division head of your current age group. Please note that playing up in one division does not carry over to future years and evaluations for future divisions will be needed. (For example – a minors division aged player who is accepted to play up in majors may end up playing 3 years in majors, unless they are again evaluated and approved at that later time.)

For the fall season, there are no evaluations, so players must play in the division according to their birthdate.

Can I request a teammate?

For players in the T-ball, Rookie and Minors divisions, you may request that your child be placed with a particular coach or on the same team with other players who are registered in the same age division. Every effort will be made to honor your request, however, please note requests are not guaranteed. 

For players in the Majors, Juniors, and Seniors divisions, players are assigned to teams via a draft and requests, such as carpool, are not considered. Players are evaluated in advance of the draft in order to keep the teams as fair as possible. 

(There are no refunds after teams are assigned)

When are the dates of the seasons?

The spring season runs from March through June.  Weather permitting, evaluations occur in early March, practices begin late March, and games begin early April. 

The fall season, if applicable, will run from early September through late October/early November. 

When are the practices and games?

Teams will usually have 2 practices a week in pre-season and once the season starts games will be twice a week (usually one Saturday and one weeknight). Weeknight games are usually 6:00pm and Saturday games start as early at 9:00am. No regular games are scheduled on Sundays, however, make-up games due to weather or playoff games may possibly be played on a Sunday.  The practice schedule will be out when team assignments are announced with the schedule released shortly after. 

There are no practices in the fall season and games are on Saturday/Sunday.

What equipment and uniforms are supplied or needed?

All players are required to have their own glove and we also suggest they have their own helmet.   In addition, all players in Minors, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors divisions are required to have a softball face mask if they are playing the infield.

Players in the Tball and Rookie divisions will receive a t-shirt, shorts, visor, and socks.  Players in the Minors, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors will receive a uniform shirt and socks. It is recommended that Majors, Juniors, and Seniors wear black softball pants, but they are not required.  

In Fall, all players will receive a T-shirt.

Are there residency requirements to play for NSPL?

There are NO residency requirements to play for Newtown Square Petticoat League. Players are NOT required to live in Newtown Square to play.