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Micro, T-ball, Minors

Majors, Juniors, Seniors


The purpose of these divisions is to give girls as young as 5 (as of December 31, 2019) an opportunity to learn the game of softball. The score is not kept as we want the girls to thrive in a low-pressure environment. The girls are assigned to their teams by the division heads. There are no playoffs and the emphasis is on player development and having fun, not winning.

In the Minors division, ages 7 & 8, the girls will start with coach-pitch and will move on to kid-pitch midseason.


Majors, Juniors and Seniors play softball in a competitive yet fun and supportive environment. Girls attend pre-season evaluations and are assigned to their teams via a draft.

At the Majors level, ages 9 & 10, the girls pitch themselves. In the Juniors, ages 11 & 12, stolen bases and bunting are added. The Seniors division is for ages 13-17. As with all divisions, each player is required to play a minimum number of innings and the batting lineup is in running order.